Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I Hate to Sew, a collage made with actual sewing machine parts. It won honorable mention in our local Faces of Women show.  Posted by Picasa

heritage collage Posted by Picasa

Family history collage Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

From poem to painting

The mind journey from the quotation to the painting?
Well, I went from "she put it on like a costume" to thinking "she put it on like a mask". From there I just started painting masked faces.

Here is the excerpt:

My mother was not impressed with her beauty,
Every year she put it on like a costume,

Sitting on a stool in front of a mirror.....

From: Christmas Eve My Mother Dressing by Toi Derricotte

Last Saturday in my painting class we did an exercise where we painted from a quotation. This is mine. Posted by Hello

New painting Posted by Hello